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Тормоза на трейлере

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17 hours ago, Yngvar said:

Ну да кочерга это вчерашний день нам тоже так на курсах молодого бойца в чэлленджере говорили

Тэкнолоджи вам безопасности не добавят.А добавят стоимость по выплатам за трак. И не хило. Что у сугубит гонку за заврашним днем .Когда гонишся за завтрашнем днём ,главное не упустить сегодняшний день.

Drivers going down steep grades such as a hill with
a loaded vehicle should select a lower gear before
starting downhill. This will allow the vehicle to operate
at the control speed. Control speed is the speed at which
the vehicle will travel downhill with the rpm just before
governed speed or maximum rpm. This is achieved by
selecting the proper gear for the grade of the road and
the engine in the vehicle. Vehicles should be kept in
gear throughout the descent as the vehicle should be
slowing to down shift. This would not be the case if
a shift is attempted on a steep downgrade.
To proceed down a grade, the driver controls the speed
of the vehicle by “snubbing” the brakes. Snubbing is
when a brake application is made at intervals to reduce
the vehicle’s speed and then the brakes are released.
This brake application should slow the vehicle by
eight km/h in three seconds. This can be remembered
as the “8 in 3” rule. The driver should not allow the
vehicle speed to increase eight km/h over the control
speed before snubbing the brakes. Snubbing will help
to prevent over-heating of the brakes. If the brakes were
allowed to overheat, it would cause the brake drums to
expand, which could lead to brake fade or complete
brake loss. Stopping on a slight downgrade is done in
the same way as a level stop.
You must stop and check the brakes when signs are
posted. In some provinces and states there is a fine
for not doing so. This stop must also be recorded in
the log book.

Генеральное правило всех профессиональных водителей. Как раз про загогулину тёрка.

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Кролик это не только пушистый и ценный мех .Но и мясо!


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