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  1. никто меня неслышит! - лучше и 9 будет! Но все же минимальный-то какой? если на 4.0 сдам хватит для заявки на сессию?
  2. All individuals interested in pursuing future immigration opportunities to New Brunswick should begin preparing the following prior to the May sessions: Language exams, i.e. IELTS General Training with a level 4.0 Educational credential assessment (ECA) Proof of work experience (make sure you prepare letter of references, tax documents, pay stubs) Sufficient liquid settlement funds (see the registration below) These events are employer driven. Interviews will be conducted following the information sessions, so please come prepared, and bring your CVs, proof of education and language results, if available. We will also be creating an inventory of workers through the sessions, which means that while you may not be able to meet with an employer or receive an offer of employment, you will be captured in our system and potentially invited to a future session in 2018-2019. For those who have yet to have their education and language assessed, please begin the process as soon as possible. Potential applicants must have completed an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) General Training exam within the past two years, and score at 5.0 or above for all four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Information on the IELTS can be found вот по НБ - сначало определено айлтс 4 ниже написано 5! где правда? по НБ какой минимальный порог прохождения для Драйвера?
  3. эт понятно! получается минимальный проход 4 бала и выше?
  4. так в итоге какой АЙЛТС необходим 4 или 5?!